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How to sell a business in Western Canada

How to sell your business in Western Canada

Selling a business in Western Canada can feel daunting and many business owners are unsure of where to start.  Using a qualified business broker can help you successfully sell your business and alleviate a great deal of stress.  Here are 4 steps to sell a business in Western Canada. Plan for the sale of your…

Family-owned businesses need a succession plan

Family-owned businesses need a succession plan

Many family-owned businesses assume they already have a succession plan in place since ownership is typically passed along to relatives. That assumption simply isn’t good enough. In fact, a well-considered and documented succession plan is critical for family-owned businesses. A succession plan helps the eventual transfer of ownership to go smoothly and offers additional benefits…

How to buy a commercial property for your business

How to buy a commercial property for your business

For some business owners, buying a commercial property is a sound financial decision.  Owning the space where the business operates provides flexibility in terms of ensuring the space meets the current and future needs of the business.  It can help business owners build equity and removes the risk of rent increases or unexpected lease terminations. …

The Calgary Economy: An overview for business owners

The Calgary Economy

As we head into the second half of 2017, the Calgary economy is showing signs of recovery and improvement.  There are three areas in which current conditions are becoming increasingly favourable for new and veteran local business owners. Diversification With the depression in the oil and gas sector, more entrepreneurs have fast-tracked their entry into…

How to stage your business for sale

How to stage your business for sale

Staging your business for sale can be time-consuming but also very financially rewarding.  A business that is well-prepared in advance of selling is far more likely to attain maximum value and price during the transaction.  Staging a business includes a great deal of behind the scenes preparation, in addition to ensuring that the physical, tangible…

Don’t let excuses stop you from planning your exit strategy

Exit Strategy Planning

Most business owners have a business plan, marketing strategy, and an up to date financial statement.  Many business owners do not have one of the most important and most overlooked documents:  an exit strategy. A business exit strategy outlines the owner’s succession plan for their business.  Examples of different exit strategies include selling, closing, leaving…

5 benefits of owning a franchise

5 Benefits of Owning a Franchise

Franchise ownership can be an excellent business model for new and experienced entrepreneurs.  Misconceptions and misinformation about owning a franchise often stops business owners from further exploring this viable option.  Here are five benefits of owning and operating a franchise in Western Canada. Brand recognition and marketing support It can take years for a new…

Price your business to sell

Price your business to SELL

The market in western Canada is flooded with businesses for sale.  Many of these businesses will never sell for one simple reason:  they are overpriced.  Pricing a business can be one of the most challenging aspects of the selling process.  Many Sellers overvalue their business and set an asking price that is too high.  An…

Ways to keep your business growing

Ways to keep your business growing

To help ensure the long-term success of a business, it is important to keep growing the business. A static business plan that fails to adjust to trends or market conditions will result in a business that lacks resiliency and longevity. There are 7 steps that business owners can take to help keep their business growing….