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Family-owned businesses need a succession plan

Family-owned businesses need a succession plan

Many family-owned businesses assume they already have a succession plan in place since ownership is typically passed along to relatives. That assumption simply isn’t good enough. In fact, a well-considered and documented succession plan is critical for family-owned businesses. A succession plan helps the eventual transfer of ownership to go smoothly and offers additional benefits…

How to stage your business for sale

How to stage your business for sale

Staging your business for sale can be time-consuming but also very financially rewarding.  A business that is well-prepared in advance of selling is far more likely to attain maximum value and price during the transaction.  Staging a business includes a great deal of behind the scenes preparation, in addition to ensuring that the physical, tangible…

Price your business to sell

Price your business to SELL

The market in western Canada is flooded with businesses for sale.  Many of these businesses will never sell for one simple reason:  they are overpriced.  Pricing a business can be one of the most challenging aspects of the selling process.  Many Sellers overvalue their business and set an asking price that is too high.  An…

Answers to questions from business sellers

Answers to questions from business sellers

When they decide to sell their business, most Calgary business owners have more questions than they do answers. Selling a business involves many technicalities and moving parts. Having a trusted advisor, like a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), is the best way to get accurate answers to questions about selling a business. Here are answers to…

Find out why businesses don’t sell and what you can do about it

Why businesses don't sell

Successfully selling their business is one of the most difficult things a business owner can face. Without expert help, the process can be complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating. By understanding and addressing the most common reasons that businesses don’t sell, qualified business brokers are able to make this process easier and more successful. Below are the…

Why confidentiality agreements are important for Buyers and Sellers

Confidentiality agreements

A signed confidentiality agreement is an integral part of a business sale, for the Buyer and the Seller.  This important document allows Sellers to share financial and proprietary business information without fear of misuse.  It provides Buyers with the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision. A confidentiality agreement is a legal agreement…