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Is vendor financing the way of the future?

vendor financing

Canadian small businesses have faced many challenges over the past few years and businesses for sale were no exception.  Even those in thriving areas, like quick-service restaurants and online retailers, felt the effects of pressures on small businesses when trying to sell.  Specifically, owners learned first-hand that banks were reluctant to provide financing to potential…

5 things to consider when buying a franchise

5 things to consider when buying a franchise

Buying a franchise is a great way to build a business empire without having to start from scratch.  The benefits of franchises include established processes, a tested concept, and name recognition.  Despite having the aforementioned things in common, franchises still offer a great deal of variability and not all franchises are a good fit for…

How to finance buying a franchise

How to finance buying a franchise

Buying a franchise can be a great business opportunity for new and experienced business owners.  Franchises provide the opportunity to own a business that has a proven concept, policies and procedures in place, brand recognition, and ongoing support.  This business model can provide owners with the opportunity to grow their business more quickly than if…

Tips for buying another business

tips for buying another business

Business owners have many different reasons for wanting to buy another business.  Some owners want to grow by acquisition.  Other business owners want to diversify.  Regardless of the reason, all business owners have the same overall goal which is to increase revenue and strengthen the financial health of their business holdings.  Buying an additional business…