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How to finance buying a franchise

How to finance buying a franchise

Buying a franchise can be a great business opportunity for new and experienced business owners.  Franchises provide the opportunity to own a business that has a proven concept, policies and procedures in place, brand recognition, and ongoing support.  This business model can provide owners with the opportunity to grow their business more quickly than if…

Tips for buying another business

tips for buying another business

Business owners have many different reasons for wanting to buy another business.  Some owners want to grow by acquisition.  Other business owners want to diversify.  Regardless of the reason, all business owners have the same overall goal which is to increase revenue and strengthen the financial health of their business holdings.  Buying an additional business…

5 reasons a motel can be a great business venture

5 reasons a motel can be a great business venture

Purchasing a motel can be an excellent business venture for individuals or a group of investors.  The accommodation industry in Canada, including the western provinces, provides owners with a flexible business that can be grown, diversified, and adjusted relatively easily in response to changing market conditions.  Below are five reasons that motels are a viable…

A business owner’s guide to franchises

A business owner's guide to franchises

For many Canadian business owners, a franchise opportunity can be a viable way to build a business empire.  Franchises offer owners the opportunity to step into a business that has a proven business concept and a framework in place.  With branding, policies, and procedures already established, a franchise allows owners more time to work on…