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What is a Certified Business Intermediary?

A Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) is a highly experienced Business Broker with a proven track record of success. In order to obtain this prestigious designation, a Business Broker must meet high standards of education, experience, knowledge, and ethics. A CBI is your best bet for a successful transaction whether you are buying or selling a business.

How can a CBI help you?

Buying or selling a business is an extremely complex transaction with many moving parts. Without a CBI, you may have difficulties with negotiations, legalities, and closing a deal. With expertise, proven strategies, and exemplary skills, a CBI can help by:

  • Accurately determining the value of your business;
  • Offering expert advice;
  • Negotiating the best possible outcome for you and your unique circumstances;
  • Handling tasks that take up a great deal of time such as marketing and ensuring potential buyers are qualified;
  • Finessing technicalities such as franchise agreements, leases, and financial issues; and
  • Handling all the little details and unexpected problems that can derail a transaction.

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