The Acuity Guarantee

Let’s be honest: most corporate guarantees aren’t worth much. They tend to be full of vague terms like “best service” and “exceptional quality”. But those claims are rarely grounded in anything concrete.

What does Acuity guarantee?

  1. Privacy – This is also covered in our strategic values, but it’s important enough to be worth repeating: sensitivity to the private nature of the buy/sell process is incredibly important. We take extraordinary measures to maintain full confidence.
  2. Responsiveness – When you call, we answer. If we can’t, we’ll call you back at first opportunity. We’re never “too busy” to fulfill our obligations to our clients.
  3. Value – No company has ever gone bankrupt by offering more value than they ask for in return. In this industry, that means we expect to be specifically judged on our performance at: qualifying potential buyers, identifying pre-sales growth areas, delivering on communication, and producing high-quality listings and prospects.
  4. Transparency – It’s hard to know sometimes how much value a broker or realtor is actually adding for their clients. Are they just doing the routine listings in the usual places? Or are they actually hustling up leads from their own well-maintained networks?

With Acuity, you never have to guess. We’ll provide you with a check-list of the specific actions that we’re taking on your behalf, and we’ll update that list throughout the process to allow you to see what we’ve done and why.

If you ever feel that we’ve failed in any of these areas, please contact Ken (our founder) directly. Your concern will be dealt with personally and immediately.

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