Exit planning

Did you know that you should start planning your exit strategy when you draft your business plan?  If you are starting to think about your exit strategy, Acuity Business Group can help.  The right exit strategy can impact retirement plans and income taxes.  We will ensure that your exit strategy offers you peace of mind and a seamless transition away from your business.

Business Valuations

Business valuations

It can be difficult for business owners to accurately determine the fair market value for their business.  This can lead to frustration and disappointment when they try to sell their business independently, since a poorly priced business rarely sells.  Acuity Business Group has a proven system for valuing businesses.  We objectively assess a variety of factors including earnings, assets, property, goodwill, and more.  We take our valuation strategy one step further and identify potential weaknesses that could affect the sale of your business and we give you the tools you need to eliminate them.

Business Strategy

Growing through acquisition

Growing through acquisition is an effective way to expand your business, without the headache of starting from the ground up.  Acquisition can offer immediate advantages when it is done right.  Acuity Business Group can help you find the right opportunities that will give you an immediate competitive edge, market advantage, and economies of scale.

Acuity Business Coaching

Business coaching

Athletes don’t make it to the podium alone and business owners shouldn’t be expected to, either.  Achieve gold-medal success through our customized business coaching services.  Acuity Business Group will help you propel your business forward by identifying areas where you can streamline processes, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase profits.  Our business coaching services are helpful for new business owners, seasoned owners, and owners who are starting to plan their exit strategy.

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