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Understanding goodwill

Goodwill is often a confusing term when a business comes up for sale. The value of a business, or selling price, is based on the cashflow that it generates. The business broker will evaluate the company on calculated cashflow after…

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Businesses want to own their Premises

With landlords charging ever escalating rents that are eating into business owners profits, many business owners are looking for options where they can buy their own premises. Business owners would rather pay themselves rent than somebody else, build equity, and…

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Buying an existing franchise

Many existing franchise locations are selling for 50% less than the original franchise cost. Why is this? Is it the location, market health, the product, management style, managerial experience, upcoming expensive renovations demanded by the franchisor, or lack of franchise…

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Credentials matter

When you hire someone to help you buy or sell a business, they should have a specific and proven set of skills and experience.  Using a qualified professional is the best way to ensure that the deal is handled in…

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