How Acuity Business Group helps Business Buyers

Acuity Business Group helps motivated Buyers who want to purchase a small to mid-sized company in Western Canada. The Buyers we work with are passionate about owning a business and have already started to think like a successful entrepreneur. Our Buyers have a viable business plan. They have liquid cash available with additional financing already approved.

To ensure Buyers maximize their opportunities for success, we offer one-on- one coaching and advice to help Buyers determine:

  • What type of business they are best suited for,
  • What to look for when evaluating a business, and
  • How to qualify for financing, in advance.

Acuity Business Group helps to minimize some of the inherent risks of buying a business by providing:

  • Expert opportunity screening,
  • Independent evaluation of the business,
  • Negotiating and presenting an ideal offer, and
  • Strategic support and transitional coaching after the purchase has been made.

Let's discuss your business goals.